Belbin Team Role producst and services from Catalyst Advancement

Catalyst Advancement provides consultancy, collaborative partnerships, and development services for the full range of Belbin Team Role products and services for team selection and team development at all levels of the organization.

About Belbin Team Roles

Over a period of 20 years Dr Meredith Belbin researched the subject of "Team Roles" - clusters of behavior that relate to a person's natural tendency in the way they interrelate with others. Dr Belbin's team role model is now used extensively throughout the world to help bring about improvements in individual and team performance.

The range of reports provides valuable advisory and diagnostic information to help with:

  • Team building and team development
  • Selection and career planning
  • Improving self awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Fostering mutual trust and understanding between work colleagues
  • Promote empowerment and the devolvement of responsibility

Leadership Development

Effective leaders implement the strategy and model the values of an organization. They create inspiring visions that motivate others to reach their full potential.

Catalyst Advancement partners with its clients to develop effective leaders and establish plans to sustain strong leadership in the future. We collaborate with leaders to help them better understand managerial behavior, related strengths and development needs.

Customized leadership success profiles identify the core leadership competencies that drive the company's culture, values and strategic objectives. Tailor-made assessment tools and custom-designed learning processes assist individuals, teams, and organizations identify their strengths and weaknesses and serve as the basis for development programs.

Team Development

Catalyst Advancement specializes in the selection and development of teams to bring about tangible performance improvements in speed, quality and cost.

Team Selection: Analysis and selection services for developing high performance, high functioning teams.

Team Development: For teams, departments and work groups at all levels of the organization.

Team Leadership: Development for managers, supervisors, and leaders to help them develop the skills, knowledge and tools required to build high performing teams.

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