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Espoo based Catalyst Advancement provides consultancy and development services for different kinds of companies and organizations. We know how a succesful company works - learn more and ask us!

Business Level

We work together with you to

  • define the company’s mission, vision and values to create an inspiring and realistic view of the future, and develop practical strategies to achieve the goals.
  • take a systemic approach to change, treating the organization as a whole, increasing the adaptability to change.
  • develop a Learning Organization culture that utilizes the learning and growing capabilities of its employees.
  • improve business performance by analyzing the company’s alignment with its business strategies and its people strategies.

People level

We work together with you to

  • help teams increase their productivity. We provide a complete Belbin™ Team Role assessment program that results in greater Organizational Effectiveness.
  • develop a supportive work environment and Work/Life Balance programs such as health education, employee programs, and policy development.
  • help individuals understand their aptitudes and behavioral preferences and to guide them toward the type of work and environment they will enjoy.

succesful company

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