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People Centered, Profit Driven

How do you improve communication, respect and a commitment to succeed as a team/department? How do you engage your team's potential to reduce project timelines and increase efficiency?
Solution: Create high performing teams/departments.

How do you eliminate profit loss from people problems? How do you reduce employee stress? How do you lower turnover and retain your star performers?
Solution: Hire the right people and empower them.

How do you keep both junior and senior employees energized and operating at peak performance through business growth and/or changes?
Solution: Develop your present and future leadership.

About Catalyst Advancement

Our Value Proposition

Catalyst Advancement partners with organizations to build positive and ethical work cultures for business success. Our proactive community of consultants utilizes well-validated tools to assist rapidly growing organizations in attracting and retaining excellent people by creating people-centered cultures.

This is achieved by:

  • Developing company leadership
  • Instilling shared values
  • Empowering people to work from their strengths
  • Facilitating profitable change

Our Mission

We are committed to our client's success by fostering Good Company Spirit and organizational effectiveness.

Our Vision

We will be the universal partner of choice in helping organizations transform the way they do business.

Our Values

  • Building Relationships
  • Trustworthiness
  • Courage
  • Learning and Growth

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